Welcomes you to "THE BACK ROOM"

Charles Dyner

“The Back Room”. Enter one way, exit another.


        A 6 year-old boy, James Oglethorpe, is coerced into the life of a ghetto drug runner. Years later, he attains a business position believed impossible for someone with his background. A force of intelligence and determination, he battles the recurring childhood “dread and doom” mindset that can undo everything at any time.


        A young Hassidic Jew is forced to choose between two loves: family or freedom. It’s a high price to pay if he leaves, a higher price to pay if he stays. He makes an unorthodox decision.


        A high-ranked Chinese-American Table Tennis player quits after a bizarre and intense match with the Hassidic. He contemplates pursuing his previously abandoned talent, but now with the intention of becoming an international concert pianist. First he must convince his former piano mentor, who greets him with a stinging slap in the face.

        Two traumatic incidents bring James, the Hassid and Chinese-American to “The Back Room”.





        James discovers a plot by unscrupulous attorneys to create bogus class-action lawsuits against him. He hires New York City’s most feared litigator to fend it off, and is drawn into a circle of mysterious people:

        an obnoxious yet lovable Russia-escapee hacker hounded by a Russian gang lord from Brooklyn’s “Little Odessa”; sex-slave traffickers plying their trade from the Russian Embassy; and the KGB. All for totally different reasons;

        an exotic woman who speaks seven global-hot-spot languages, is a Krav Maga expert, and has ties to the CIA;

        the transformed former Hassidic Jew;

        and a brilliant, beautiful entrepreneur/conglomerate owner who makes him an offer he may not refuse.

        Fast-paced drama, romantic/sexy scenes, LOL humor, action and unexpected fusions of plots and subplots.


Cover art notes: The woman’s slinky dress could very well represent Kyra the mercenary; or Veronica the sommelier of a prestigious NYC restaurant; or perhaps the intriguing Alina Petrovich. What are those orange balls? Sorry, you’ll have to read to find out.


The Back Room


Meet some Back Room characters



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Review Rating:   5 Stars!

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite


       "Mystery, thriller, crime novel — it will be hard to fit Charles Dyner’s The Back Room into one single category or genre, a work that undoubtedly reveals the author as an ingenious storyteller. When a book begins with a six-year-old character playing the role of a drug-pusher, readers know they are in for a solid treat, but Dyner skillfully leads them into a world where characters turn around, make life changing decisions, and set out on a path towards redemption. A young man set for a life of crime becomes the head of a flourishing business, corporate lawyers team up to fight crime on the streets, and a Jew is torn between choosing freedom and his loyalty to the family.


       Dyner’s characters are solid, well-sculpted, and compelling in a dangerous sort of way, but the most fascinating part is how these characters evolve into their better selves. In a very intriguing way, the author already makes the reader develop some kind of sympathy for James, the kid who is slapped, beaten, kicked for no other reason than that he finds himself at the mercy of drug dealers, and they will want to know what becomes of this character as they turn the pages. The plot in The Back Room is packed with action and it moves really fast. The author has carefully created a powerful sense of mystery and suspense with the use of subplots and cliffhangers. The humor is biting and the images the prose evokes are powerful enough to make readers feel like they are part of the action. I’d gladly recommend this one for a fun read."

Review Rating:   5 Stars!

Reviewed By Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite


      " Wow! Just, wow! That's exactly what I thought when I finished reading The Back Room, the new book by author Charles Dyner. Follow the stories of very diverse characters, including a hacker who has escaped from Russia, a piano prodigy who has abandoned his instrument to become a table tennis champ, and a man whose present is astounding considering his history as a childhood ghetto drug runner. Diverse characters, diverse story lines, but somehow they are all connected. How, you may ask? You simply must read this book to find out!


        I loved The Back Room. Loved. It. How's that for a review? Well, it's truly how I felt about author Charles Dyner's masterful work. This book is sexy, exciting, adventurous, and also has a unique story line that will keep readers turning the pages from the very first words all the way through the very last page. Author Charles Dyner has done an excellent job in creating characters that his readers will find intriguing, will connect with, and will continue to think of long after the story is done. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. Any reader who loves a great read of fiction should absolutely read The Back Room. I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more from the talented author, Charles Dyner, as soon as possible. With his obvious talent, it's unlikely that he will remain an unknown entity in the world of fiction for long!"



        Charles Dyner just loves to write.

        He’s written advertising for many categories of clients, including Chase; General Electric; Holiday Inn Crown Plaza; Volvo; Rimowa Luggage; Ronzoni; New York Magazine, and MCA Music.

        A recent assignment required him to research and write scripts based on not commonly known historical facts and incidents for a video documentary series on “New York City’s Hidden Histories”. These scripts encouraged Charles to write his debut novel, “The Back Room”. “Researching and writing these one-hour length historical scripts, compared to the much shorter ad formats I 'm used to, suggested I was capable of writing something even longer…a novel!”

        “About halfway through, I realized a single genre was not going to work for “The Back Room”. I love humor and admire, for examples, how Robert Parker injects humor into his “Spencer and Hawk” dialogues, and Shakespeare’s sophisticated word plays”. Charles seamlessly integrates new business ideas, male/female relationships, wry observations, history, intrigue, and lots of drama. “I was raised on drama and humor. My parents’ extended family always had big scenes. What commotions! It’s in my DNA. I can turn a napkin falling to the floor into drama, or make you laugh about it.” Not surprisingly, “The Back Room” is genre-bending, a crossover.

        Charles infuses his broad range of interests into the stories (wine, music, fashion, food, cars, and table tennis). “All my characters have distinctive personalities. Some are admirable, heroic; one is obnoxious yet likeable; many struggle with their issues; and others are just enjoyable to be around.”

       His fingers are on the keyboard, moving that pulsing cursor along on his second novel – “The Napkin Falls”.